Excellence Initiative - Research University

University Centre of Excellence “Astrophysics and astrochemistry”

Contactul. Grudziądzka 5, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 3303
fax: +48 56 622 5397
e-mail: astrochem@umk.pl

For PhD students

E-visists for students and PhD Students
We encourage you to participate in InterAPS project which offers e-visits.  More information

Stipends for first author paper for PhD students

Every PhD student with a first author paper will be awarded (2000 PLN minus taxes). The application should be sent to Justyna Cembrzynska (justyna@umk.pl) before publishing the paper.

The application should include:


Each PhD student from our Centre of Excellence can spend 6000 PLN on computers, books, materials, conferences etc., and that for every first author paper you will be awarded extra money to your stipend (2000 PLN  minus taxes). Contact person:  Justyna Cembrzyńska