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University Centre of Excellence “Astrophysics and astrochemistry”

Contactul. Grudziądzka 5, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 3303
fax: +48 56 622 5397
e-mail: astrochem@umk.pl


NSC – National Science Centre
MSHE – Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education
NAWA – Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

  • New generation of Cosmic Ray driven dynamo models (NSC OPUS 10) M. Hanasz
  • Effect of Cosmic Rays driven winds on disk galaxies and their Angular Momentum evolution (NSC SONATINA 2) – N. Peschken
  • Broad absorption line quasars – their nature and evolution (NSC SONATA 1) – M. Kunert-Bajraszewska
  • Studies of a new population of active galaxies (NSC SONATA Bis 7) – M. Kunert-Bajraszewska
  • Testing mechanisms and processes of massive-star formation using radio interferometry (NSC  OPUS 2)A. Bartkiewicz
  • Probing the environment of massive young stellar objects (NSC OPUS 11)A. Bartkiewicz
  • Stellar astrometry with the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (NCS SONATA 1)M. Gawroński
  • Very High Energy Astrophysics with H.E.S.S. and MAGIC (NSC HARMONIA 8) – K. Katarzyński (PI at NCU)
  • Polish contribution to preparation and implementation of the research program for CTA project in its first phase of operation (NSC HARMONIA 8)K. Katarzyński (PI on NCU)
  • Realization of the preparatory phase of the “Cherenkov Telescope Array” project by the Polish CTA Consortium (NSC HARMONIA 1) – K. Katarzyński (PI on NCU)
  • Observations of high-energy astrophysical sources within international projects H.E.S.S. and MAGIC (MSHE) – K. Katarzyński (PI on NCU)
  • SpUB – Leading Research Facility Support 2014 – K. Katarzyński
  • SpUB – Leading Research Facility Support 2015 – A. Marecki
  • SpUB – Leading Research Facility Support 2016-2018 – A. Marecki
  • RadioNet3 – Advanced Radio Astronomy in Europe (2012-2015) (EC FP7)  M. Szymczak, K. Katarzyński, A. Marecki (PIs on NCU)
  • RadioNet4 – integrating world-class infrastructures for research in radio astronomy at European level (2017-2019) (EC H2020) – A. Marecki (PI on NCU)
  • DIB – Expansion of Major Research Infrastructure 2018-2020  (MSHE) – A. Marecki


  • Optical polarized emission of neutron stars, isolated as well as in low mass X-ray binary systems (NSC OPUS-13)A. Słowikowska
  • Polarimetry as a diagnostic tool in astronomy (DUN 2018 MSHE) – A. Słowikowska
  • Transit timing of exoplanet WASP-12 b (Iuventus Plus 2012-2014) – G. Maciejewski
  • Hot Jupiters on eccentric orbits: a search for additional planets and planet-star interactions (NSC OPUS-12)G. Maciejewski
  • Relativistic cosmological N-body simulations versus Dark Energy (NSC OPUS 7) B. Roukema
  • Transforming ab initio Density Functional Theory into a practical tool for computational chemistry (CANALETTO – współpraca bilateralna NAWA) – I. Grabowski
  • International Academic Partnerships in Sciences with NCU in Toruń – InterAPS (2018-2020) PLN 1’135’000 for research stays, preparation of joint research papers and their promotion, organization of joint conferences; partners: University of Copenhagen, Leiden University, Newcastle University and University of Innsbruck; http://interaps.fizyka.umk.pl/
  • “The international exchange of Ph.D. students and academic staff at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń” – PROM (2018-2019); PLN 750’000 for research stays of PhD students abroad and in Toruń (by foreign PhDs); active participation in international conferences; https://www.fizyka.umk.pl/en/prom-eng/
  • “Exchange visit of astronomy and physics students to Munich / Garching”; about PLN 40’000 in total (costs shared equally between DAAD and NCU); March 2018 – weekly stay of 15 students in 8 top research institutes and universities;