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InterAPS project - e-visists for students and PhD Students

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photo: J.Cembrzyńska

The InterAPS program has been extended till November 30th, 2021. Another good news is that now InterAPS support also e-visits. Applications are open now.

Students and PhD students now have the opportunity to attend research stays at the foreign universities, e.g. attend group meetings there, use their infrastructure via the Internet, have specific research tasks to perform before the stay.
More information about e-visits is available on InterAPS project website.

The aim of the InterAPS project is to strengthen the scientific collaboration between Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Poland) and Leiden University (the Netherlands), Newcastle University (United Kingdom), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and University of Innsbruck (Austria). The key research areas are astronomy (e.g., astrochemistry), physics (e.g., optical atomic clocks), chemistry (e.g., trace gasses), computer science (e.g. reaction systems), and psychology (e.g., perception of pain).
The main actions in the InterAPS project include: international exchanges of students and staff, organisation of scientific seminars and meetings (conferences, schools etc.), and joint research resulting in papers in top scientific journals. Additional areas of collaboration include: preparation of joint EU grant proposals, student exchanges as part of Erasmus program, joint initiatives in the science outreach, establishing double-degrees in PhD studies.

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