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University Centre of Excellence “Astrophysics and astrochemistry”

Contactul. Grudziądzka 5, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 3303
fax: +48 56 622 5397
e-mail: astrochem@umk.pl
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2nd symposium on cold interactions and collisions

Following the first symposium (Warsaw, 2019), we were forced to suspend the meetings due to the CoVID outbreak. But finally, we can meet again! The meeting will be held in Toruń on 19-20 November.

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Post-doc job opportunity

The call for post-doctoral interns incoming to the Centre of Excellence in Astrophysics and Astrochemistry is open!

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Eight years of science with the Robopol polarimeter - "Looking at the polarized Universe: past, present, and future"

We are celebrating 8 years of science with the RoboPol optical polarimeter, which has operated since 2013 at the Skinakas Observatory in Crete (Greece).

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Astronomy conference

On May 10-14 at the NCU Institute of Astronomy, a conference entitled: "6th Workshop on Compact Steep Spectrum (CSS) and Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum (GPS) Radio Sources" will be held.

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Top 100 in Chemistry

One of our publications is included in the Top 100 in Chemistry published on the Nature website.

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