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Spectroscopic and Collision Phenomena in Atmospheric Photochemistry, Astrochemistry, and Planetary Sciences (SCAPAPS).


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Professor Niyazi Bulut of Fırat Üniversitesi hosted the Institute of Physics for a six-month research internship.

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The project OPVMatInt has just been selected for funding by NCBR

NAWA scholarship for doctoral student Vignesh Kumar

Vignesh Kumar, a doctoral student at UMK's Doctoral School of Science and Life Sciences, whose supervisor is Professor Ireneusz Grabowski and assistant supervisor is Dr. Szymon Śmiga, has been awarded a grant of PLN 28,000 in the NAWA Prelude Bis 2 competition for the implementation of a foreign internship.

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Article for cover story

The publication by CDAA staff members Dariusz Kędziera, Bilel Mehnen and Piotr Żuchowski, entitled "Towards the generation of potential energy surfaces of weakly bound medium-sized molecular systems: the case of benzonitrile-He complex", was featured on the cover of the November issue of the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.


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List of Q1 journals

Q1 journal list valid from 08.2023 to 07.2024 now available to download.

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