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OPUS 19 grant for Szymon Śmiga

obrazek: [fot. G. Śmiga]
photo: G. Śmiga

Dr. Szymon Śmiga from our Centre of Excellence was among thirteen scientists from the Nicolaus Copernicus University who received grants from the National Science Centre (NCN)  as part of the OPUS 19 competition.

Dr. Śmiga's project titled The development of a new class of hybrid functionals within density functional theory (Opracowanie nowej klasy funkcjonałów hybrydowych w ramach teorii funkcjonału gęstości ) has received funding in the amount of over 335,000 PLN.

OPUS 19 is a competition of the National Science Centre intended for research projects, including financing the purchase or production of research equipment necessary for the implementation of these projects.

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