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Astronomers' success: seven new cosmic masers

obrazek: Dr hab. Anna Bartkiewicz, prof. UMK i dr Paweł Wolak [fot. Andrzej Romański]
Dr hab. Anna Bartkiewicz, prof. UMK i dr Paweł Wolak photo: Andrzej Romański

The astronomers from Toruń have successfully completed the survey of the Milky Way plane. They searched for gas clouds, where there was a maser reinforcement of the OH molecule. They saw seven new sources - each of them brings scientists closer to the process by which massive stars are born.

The success of the Toruń-based group of astronomers will be described in the prestigious Astronomy and Astrophysics. The article "A search for the OH 6035 MHz line in high-mass star-forming regions" prepared by Prof. dr. habil. Marian Szymczak, dr. Paweł Wolak, dr. habil. Anna Bartkiewicz, NCU Prof. from the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics and doctoral students: Michał Durjasz and Mirosława Aramowicz from the University of Wrocław, was accepted for publication in the journal.

The publication is the result of many months of observations of radiation coming from the plane of the Milky Way, namely from the spiral arms of our galaxy, where a lot of matter, dust and gas accumulate. It is under such conditions that massive stars are born.

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