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Spectroscopic and Collision Phenomena in Atmospheric Photochemistry, Astrochemistry, and Planetary Sciences (SCAPAPS) – workshop of Working Groups 1 and 5

Dates: 4th and 5th of July, Toruń, Poland


By Lestat (Jan Mehlich) - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

We are pleased to announce a meeting under the COSY COST Action (Confined Molecular Systems, CA21101, for grant period 2, aimed at uniting the community of astrochemists and researchers focused on the interactions of molecular systems relevant to astrochemistry and astrobiology.
The event is organized by the leaders of Working Groups 1 and 5, Professor Piotr Żuchowski and Professor Lauri Halonen. It serves as a platform for fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and discussing the latest research within these pivotal fields.
We particularly encourage younger scientists, including PhD students, junior faculty members, and postdocs, to join us. This is an excellent opportunity for emerging scholars to engage with leading experts, gain new insights, and contribute to the future of astrochemistry and astrobiology.


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Confirmed Speakers:

Jonathan Tennyson – University College London
Cristina Puzzarini – University of Bologna
Francois Lique – University of Rennes
Herma Cuppen – University of Nijmegen
Agnieszka Krzeminska – Lodz Technical University
Meenu Upadhyay  – University of Basel
Niyazi Bulut – Fırat University
Valentina Erastova – University of Edinburgh
Yosra Ajili – University of Tunis
Katarzyna Bielska – Nicolaus Copernicus University
Justyna Krupa – University of Wroclaw
Joan Enrico Romero – University of Leiden
Angele Taillard – University of Bordeaux
Silvia Alessandrini – University of Bologna

Discover Toruń

While attending the workshop, take the opportunity to explore Toruń, a city rich in history and culture. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Toruń is not only recognized for its beautifully preserved medieval architecture but also as the birthplace of the renowned astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. This historic backdrop provides the perfect setting for inspiration and discovery.


By 1bumer - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Registration & Contact

The meeting is open for registration and there is no conference fee. Attendees are responsible for organizing their own accommodation. For contacts and registration, please email:



Don’t miss the chance to contribute to pivotal conversations in the field, network with leading scientists, and experience the unique charm of Toruń. We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a memorable and enriching event.